hello, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Lani. I’m a lil’ creative, adventurous & determined soul currently living in brooklyn, nyc.

actually, I’m not really that lil’ - I’m nearly 6ft tall. I live up to that stature with my relentless optimism & energy, as well as my natural versatility and proven leadership capabilities. I also have an expert bending-down-to-give-hugs ability.

I graduated summa cum laude from Temple University in Philadelphia in spring 2018, with a bachelor’s in Strategic Communications, public relations focus, and a minor in Spanish. I have a background in photography, social media content creation, digital & creative marketing strategy, and multimedia storytelling.

I also love big cities, lists of all types, productivity podcasts, vanilla candles, traveling, world languages, gift giving, yoga & meditation, fujifilm cameras, fashion trends (some of them anyway), coffee with a lil’ cream, most books, toblerone chocolate, warm rain, thrifting, and sunflowers. bonus points if you do too!

If you are hoping to collaborate, are interested in a photography session, or just want to say “hi” please do so here!