out in los angeles


in downtown LA, I had the best time running around pershing square, and the surrounding streets. I spent nearly my entire last day in the city there - eating el salvadorian and peruvian food at the pop-up market for lunch during my break between shoots. alexa, a model of dragonfly los angeles, was amazing and a super down-to-earth person. we just had a super fun time. :)


california sun


I had a lovely 4-day adventure around Los Angeles - with stops in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice. here are the galleries with some of my (iphone) photos. <3

shadow play:

taken from the getty center, high up in the hills:

the getty center has beautiful, beautiful architecture

the getty center has beautiful, beautiful architecture

street shots around LA:

i solo-adventured around santa monica in the early morning, when most of the town was still asleep. the pier was nearly deserted, except for a couple other travelers and out-of-towners like myself.

here are some personal faves:


Los Angeles was a crazy place. It's huge, and as someone used to the centrality of cities on the East Coast, it's so confusing to realize there really is no exact city center to it. Downtown LA is a place, but then Venice, Hollywood, etc. - is all part of Los Angeles too?

venice was exploding with colors and flowers - it's a place I would love to go back to, over and over:
skateboarders in venice beach:

and that is all! I hope to visit again soon! :)


a city in motion

photography is powerful in lots of different ways. I love to capture life as I see it when wandering the city streets. I feel so completely in tune with the world around me when I'm constantly looking, searching for those moments happening around me that I want to freeze in time with a photograph. it's my hope that in all the photography I do - street/travel such as these, as well as the more structured portraiture - sharing the photos gives others an insight into somebody else's experience. 

One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.
— Tom Wolfe

I snuck away from philadelphia for a four hour adventure in our sister city, and it was the loveliest, warmest day. The city was vibrant in a way it hadn't been in a while, with people streaming into the streets to make the most of a warm afternoon in february. I left my camera in my backpack and relied on only my iphone camera to get these captures.

thank you for reading! more travel + street content coming soon. :)